Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Atomizer vs. Clearomizer vs. Cartomizer

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the ultimate vaping showdown! This topic has been cause for arguments for a while now; what is the best way to vape? There's really no simple answer to that question because everyone has very specific needs and different preferences but I can give you insight on several different ways I have used these devices and my experiences with them.

I started off using a small standard 510 battery with an atomizer and a drip tip, dripping 3-5 drops at a time which lasted about 10 puffs. The good thing about using an atomizer is you can change the flavor the second it runs out without having a lot of residual flavor being left over. So if you have flavor ADD like I do, this is a great thing to have to at least change things up from time to time. Since I also purchase a lot of different flavors and I love getting new juice, I like to try them all the second I get vapemail. I usually keep a few of these around for trying new juices, changing things up a bit and experimenting with mixing flavors. The bad thing about atomizers is that if you don't calculate how much liquid is left you can get a lot of dry hits that taste awful and can damage your atomizer. It's always good practice to keep them wet but it can be a hassle when you're constantly getting dry hits or overfilling them. Atomizers last a long time and they're easy to clean which is good considering some can be $5-7. So if you prefer to change flavors and mix them frequently, an atomizer is a good choice for you.

When I use the term clearomizer, I mean wick tanks because that's essentially what a clearomizer is but the category is slightly larger than that. In my experience I haven't had the best luck using any wick device. I'm not saying they're bad, just saying that I have my own preference however, I know a lot of people that love them and use them all the time and my opinion about them remains unbiased. From using these for a while I can say with confidence that they're a good option for someone who's trying to get a little more out of their PV. They work great on eGo devices and Vivi Nova tanks work and look great on lavatube PV's. I do own several clearos and a Nova tank so I gave them a fair and thorough testing as I do all my devices. Some pros are they're inexpensive (about $6), they last for a while, are easy to clean/use and they look nice on a lot of devices. Cons are they are prone to cracking, flavor seems slightly muted and have unpredictable variable resistance. If you're purchasing an eGo system and don't want to get a tank, consider a clearomizer as a slightly cheaper alternative and it will look damn good too.

Finally, we have cartomizers; one of my favorite ways to vape with or without a tank. A cartomizer is essentially an atomizing coil wrapped in fiber fill to absorb liquid and keep the coil wet with your flavor of choice. They have several varieties including XL-5XL, shorty, mega, low resistance, dual coil, etc. Personally, I use them in my tanks and I usually cut my own holes via a dremel tool or a carto punch. You can use them with anything from a small standard 510 battery to a mod like the Silver Bullet or the ProVari (although it will look a little silly on the bigger mods.) They're relatively cheap ($1.50+) and they last for about 8 fills. Cleaning them can be a bit tricky because the fiber fill absorbs so much of the liquid but if you run some water through it and blow it out, it will work just fine. One drawback of using a carto is the fact that you can't change flavors on the fly. You really have to be set with one flavor for about 80-100 puffs, otherwise you're stuck cleaning it out and wasting juice. These are good for anyone using a tank, that wants to vape for a while without stopping to fill or just want to try something new. These are good for anyone, and seeing as they're so cheap, I recommend you order a couple just to try them.

That about wraps it up, if you have any questions, please feel free to comment below and I will answer them. I need your feedback to keep me motivated to post more often!

DISCLAIMER: I bought this device for my own use and for testing purposes. All opinions are my own and are for educational purposes.

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  1. Good post. I ordered a cartomizer with tank ill see how it goes. Im using the wick kind at the moment

  2. Thanks for this tutorial!

    I'd like to start with ecig and give cartomizers a try, but I have doubts, may be you can help me.

    1) What I need is: cartomizers, a battery, a cartotank, a puncher and a driptip, is it correct? Could you suggest me a good configuration, or a starter kit? There are a lot of brands and I'm a bit confused. I'd like to have a good compromise between autonomy and size.

    2) I am a bit confused about ohm, voltage and "simulation of high voltage", could you clarify that? Thanks


    1. hey! sorry about the late reply but i have been neglecting this blog for quite some time. ok, so based on what youre telling me, you need a whole set up for a somewhat beginner.

      basically you have a couple options:

      1. a joytech ego battery with a small carto tank like the u-dct. you can get everything you need from, etc. most kits dont come with a tank but rather a clearomizer or carto cone which are a pain in the butt. if you purchase all the parts (battery, charger, tank and cartos) individually, you will have a decent set. this set up is fairly small and has a decent amount of power. total cost would be around $75

      2. a mechanical mod aka a mod with a set power rating. these are hugely popular and some can be quite expensive. i purchased a silver bullet mod from with a battery and charger for around $135 and you will also need a tank and cartos. i use a phiniac glass tank because it fits well on the SB and its made out of pyrex so it wont crack when using cinnamon or other flavors that normally crack plastic tanks. its a little more pricey ($40) but worth it over buying several plastic tanks. a few other good options are the j-tank from or the large u-dct from

      3. finally you could get a variable voltage/wattage mod (VV/VW). theyre a little more expensive but theyre a little better when using different tanks/cartos of different resistances. i have a provari v2 ($179 from but you could also get an acrylimax from for around $60. you can increase/decrease voltage based on what you have on top which can be a great way to "overclock" your cartos to get more vapor/flavor.

      ohm is the unit of electrical resistance. basically the more ohms, the more power you need to overcome that resistance. for smaller batteries, it is recommended you get standard resistance (3ohm) cartos because a LR (2ohm and below) one will burn out quicker and get much hotter. for a 3.7v mod (silver bullet) you can get a LR carto and it will give you more vapor but you can also use SR as well. for a VV mod you can use any number of difference resistances and you can set your voltage to match said resistance.

      hope this info helps and if you have any more questions, please let me know!

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